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with every passing second i’m trying to survive in this burning web of memories..

i ran away because it was too much..
too much, yet not enough, never enough.. it will never be enough.

how can I live .. how will i breath in this?

how can anyone survive through this?
dancing through jealousy and lust, diving into love and hate, while crying our way through pain and pleasure..

take it back… i beg you, take it all back..  just let me go…

erase, unlive, forget!

let’s just forget, i know you can, you have to try … i did – i forgot everything!

it set me free, you see;

i forgot us in yesterday ~

our breath, that is carried on by the unbearable heat,
your scent and touch on my skin,
your impatient and strong hand touching my lace,
fighting through fearless chaos into some peaceful place.

i forgot us in today ~

twisting my whole being in knots just with your words,

i forgot how you live under my skin;
somewhere between my veins, soul, heart and sin..

and i forgot us in tomorrow ~

giving into truth with passion… drinking the poison and giving into sin..

getting drunk, but not from the gin.

we free fall from all acceptable laws and forms,
tasting the sweet and sour, swirling on devil’s horns.

our love is unacceptable and rude,
it’s kinky, volatile, hanging on a string of insanity and fearlessly nude.

i forgot!

i am now free!

i’m not..

i’m yours…


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my personality is who i am. my attitude depends on who you are.

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